Mid America Mortgage uses a combination of proprietary systems and industry leading tools to give our team the edge technology-wise. Our LOS software, Mortgage Machine, is a fully online system that was built from the ground up in-house.  Our online application Click n Close powered by Blend, which was also developed specifically for Mid America, is an intuitive and easy to use application and document portal that makes getting your borrower’s information and documentation secure and pain free.  We utilize a highly personalized version of Jungo for our CRM and marketing needs.  LoanBeam handles our self-employed income calculations.  Even our closings are a step ahead of that market with full eClosings and eNotes available.

We provide our teams with an exceptional selection of salestools, innovative lead management tools, client relationship management software and business tools to help you properly manage your database and build your relationships with your clients and referral partners.

IT Support

Mid America Mortgage has a dedicated corporate and Branch IT department ready to support you with any technology needs. Each employee has access to Sharepoint, this software allows employees to log into their computer from any device quickly and securely. This ensures you will be ready to do business on-the-go at any Open house or other event out of the office. 

  • 24/7 Support Ticket Portal
  • Sharepoint