Michael Cooksey

Founder; Executive Managing Director of Production

Founder of The Cooksey Team and the Mid America Mortgage, Inc. operation headquartered in Dallas,TX. Michael utilizes the talents of the best Operations and Sales Team in the area to customize an incredible service experience.

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  • Management, Sales & Production Coaching
  • Management Issues or Concerns

Daniel Lewis

Sales & Production Manager

Daniel keeps everyone up to date on the latest loan programs and underwriting guidelines when they are announced or implemented. He also facilitates open communication between our team and corporate teams to ensure all loans sail through without a hitch.

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  • Latest Updates on Loan Programs
  • Loan Production Support
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Michelle Terry

Operations & Processing Manager

Michelle’s goal is to provide a smooth and trouble-free loan processing experience. Michelle works closely with Underwriting and Closing departments at corporate to help support your customer’s loans and our monthly & yearly goals.

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  • Communication with Corporate Regarding Underwriting Process
  • Loan Processing Support

Kourtney Bevers

Marketing Director

Kourtney stays caught up on mortgage and real estate specific marketing strategies to make sure our loans officers and referral partners stay one step ahead of the industry.

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  • Graphic Design & Event Support
  • Realtor Marketing Training
  • Social Media Assistance

Dana Vissers

Administrative Assistant to Michael Cooksey

Dana keeps Michael’s calendar running smoothly.

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  • Branch Expense Reports
  • Commission & Bonus Structure
  • Coaching Appointments & Homework

Nakylia Bickham

Office Manager

Nakylia ensures that all our office locations are stocked with food, office supplies, and technical equipment.

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  • Onboarding New Employees
  • Timesheets for Current Employees
  • Receiving & Delivering Packages