We understand the importance of effective marketing to our referral partners and strive to provide the highest quality resources
to help you and make them market successfully. Our in-house marketing team works directly
with loan officers and referral partners to help grow their business.


Flyers, mailers, and custom marketing materials are great resources to use to market your business and build your brand. Our graphic designer works directly with loan officers and referral partners to build various co-marketed materials.


Knowing the market, and the players in the market, is a huge part of our businesses success and growth. We provide our officers with a data service to see:
– Who a realtor is working for/with
– Buy side information
– Sell side information


Videos drive more online engagement, so video messaging is critical to remain relevant in this rapidly changing market. Our in-house videographer exists to help loan officers and referral partners build their online presence as they brand themselves.


Optimize your online presence and generate more business by utilizing our in-house marketing team to assist you with social media marketing. Whether you need assistance on building an ad or help improving your social media presence, our marketing department is here to help.


Mid America Mortgage uses a combination of proprietary systems and industry leading tools to give our team the edge technology-wise. Our LOS software, Mortgage Machine, is a fully online system that was built from the ground up in-house. Our online application Click n Close powered by Blend, which was also developed specifically for Mid Am, is an intuitive and easy to use application and document portal that makes getting your borrower’s information and documentation secure and pain free. We utilize a highly personalized version of Jungo for our CRM and marketing needs. Even our closings are a step ahead of that market with full eClosings and eNotes available. 


As policies, the market, and technology change, it is important to stay up to speed with new trends and practices. Our company takes pride in facilitating relationships by educating our Realtors. Whether it’s changing in the market, lending policies, technological advancements, or other forms of information, we take pride in hosting carious sessions and seminars to keep you up to date.

The Cooksey Divisions in-house Marketing Department has Marketing covered for you and your team: