About The Cooksey Branch

The Cooksey Branch is a full-service mortgage lender serving consumers and mortgage originators through its retail, wholesale, and correspondent channels. We are passionate about providing the right tools and necessary training for our employee’s development. Our goal is to create an entrepreneurial environment where our employees are empowered to succeed.

Since, 2012 we have put into practice a unique formula that provides our team the tools they need to excel. This includes industry leading support services, technology products, and a coaching philosophy that propels our lenders to the top of the charts in their respective regions. By sticking to this mix, the Cooksey team has grown to be the largest and most successful branch of Mid America Mortgage, inc.

$ 1000000 +
In Processed Transactions
Happy Customers
# 30
Producing Branch of
Mid America Mortgage

Our Philosophy

We believe that building personal relationships by providing a service to others is the best way to build a successful company. This service mentality is true for our employees as much as it is for our customers. That is why we take great care in providing an uncompromised work-life balance.

Our Work

We strive to establish an entrepreneurial mindset with our employees. By providing expert coaching as well as the tools and resources of a large company, we give our teams the flexibility to grow the business that they envision. This structure has created an environment where our lenders consistently outperform the industry average.