Michael offers in-house one-on-one coaching with each Loan Officer in order to help them grow their business. Having put his personal philosophy of “earning your first million in production and your second through management,” into practice at The Cooksey Team, Michael used The CORE Training, Inc. methodology to coach top producing Loan Officers, brokers and real estate agents across the country.

Much of this success can be traced back to the career coaching offered not just to LO’s, but all employees at The Cooksey Team. Michael has coached his own staff, as well as Loan Officers, brokers and real estate agents across the country, to become top producers. As a result, Cooksey Team LO’s average six closings per month and $250,000 in annual income.

Coaching is structured at the individual level – considering each person’s strengths, weaknesses, what they are good at, and areas where they struggle. The goal is developing a personalized plan based on what that person wants to achieve. Michael does this in one of two ways. The first way is the “informative” approach and entails supporting, answering questions, building business plans and helping the individual in any way possible. The second approach is the “accountability” approach and entails everything listed in the “informative” approach but adds in a degree of accountability – this is where people tend to have the most success in their business. Choosing one of these two approaches is based upon what an individual wants to achieve. Coaching does not work when forced, only when sought after.

Our formula is simple – establish, meet and exceed the needs of our employees, customers and referral partners. This basic formula has been the key driver in our phenomenal success, our outstanding company culture, and collaborative forward-thinking style of management.

Our founder is deeply committed to the success of his employees and taking their mortgage career to the next level.